LoanSpike is committed to provide current homeowners the ability to refinance at ultra competitive interest rates.  We pride ourselves in discounting our fees and beating the competition with our delivered rates.  We are best viewed as a Mortgage Mart providing the lowest prices in the marketplace, similar to a 99Cent Store.  In addition, our team of loan officers provides homeshoppers with clear advice and the correct path for Mortgage Pre-Approval before making offers on homes they desire.


Wade started in the Mortgage Industry in the mid 1980's.  Having closed thousands of loans along this timeline, he has the knowledge to give advice on just about any loan program.  Whether it be FHA, VA, Conventional, Hard Money, or Construction financing, he has most every answer.  His hobbies, past or present, include training racehorses, rowing, basketball, and disc golf.  

Driven by a desire to help all Californians to achieve the dream of owning their own home, Wade has built a loyal client base of thousands of first time homebuyers, homeowners, REALTORS, Veterans, and many others who repeatedly turn to Wade and the LoanSpike team.  When its time to upgrade, downsize, or utilize home equity in a reverse mortgage, you can count on getting honest and solid advice.  Wade's commitment to homeowners has earned him an elite status as one of California's most trusted mortgage brokers.  

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